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Mutha Of Justice

The Good News? What JFK prophesied? It’s coming to fruition in our times. The anti-American deep state is being put over the knee of America and SEVERELY SPANKED. Father Figure, Scales Of Justice (and she can be a real MUTHA).



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EXPOSED: Whistle-Blowers, Gang-Stalking, Predatory Public Servants/Citizens and the Deep State.

Whistle-Blower Exposes Police/ Deep State/ Gang-Stalking + Corruption
Obama DOJ, Police, Citizens Slander, Gang-Stalk, Jail American https://t.co/W2qZuUwLbd
Tumwater #WA police officer “gang-stalking” American citizen https://t.co/kiju1ImWCC

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Whistleblowers, TIs (Targeted Individuals), Gang-Stalking and the Deep State.

(1/6) Most TIs [Targeted individuals] are whistleblowers, rights workers, or tried to just say “No” to corporate corruption and control of their personal or professional lives, according to their emails sent to Dupré and their web reports. They report… https://t.co/gIqa5W8Twq

(2/6)”…They report frequent unwanted telephone and email intrusions: tapping and cyber-attacks.
Just as TIs [Targeted individuals] have said since 2001, it is govt. and private contractors stalking, harassing and persecuting them worst imaginable way…” https://t.co/gIqa5W8Twq

(3/6)”…worst imaginable ways. Of course, saying, “It’s the government listening to me, intercepting my emails, intimidating me,” has resulted in an automatic false lay and professional diagnosis of paranoia and thus achieves, according to many TI…” https://t.co/gIqa5W8Twq

(4/6) “…achieves, according to many TI advocates, the perfect crime.
Rather than referring to “spying,” many TIs refer to their treatment as “stalking,” such as “gang stalking” or “organized stalking” or “cause stalking.” (See recent article).. https://t.co/gIqa5W8Twq

(5/6) “…(See recent article: Washington higher-ups ordered targeting groups for political reasons].
These innocent TIs claim they are treated as terrorists, yet have no criminal record. AP noted that 4.9 million people have…” – https://t.co/gIqa5W8Twq

(6/6) “…#AP noted that 4.9 million people have clearance to access “#confidential…secret” government information.” [Used against innocent #TI, or #TargetedIndividuals.] https://t.co/gIqa5W8Twq

(6/6a) “…4.9 million people have clearance to access “confidential and secret” government information with 1.1 million, or 21 percent, working for outside contractors, according to a report from Clapper’s office. “Of the 1.4 million who have…” – https://t.co/gIqa5W8Twq

(6/6b) …“Of the 1.4 million who have the higher ‘#topsecret’ access, 483,000, or 34 percent, work for contractors,” #AP reported. Even that, however, is the tip of the #iceberg ramming innocent targets, many referring to themselves as “#TIs”.

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Whistle-Blower. American Vet W/ Disabilities Exposes Deep State / Shadow Government / Corrupt Police

#Whistleblower: Status of American Vet w/ disabilities who challenged Obama admin, govt. + police.

I am a WHISTLEBLOWER. As of January 12, 2018 (as I update this) , I am being “gang stalked,” “car stalked,” and “air stalked” (as well as “noise stalking”) by a continuing, changing combination of groups and people mentioned below in attempts to inflict mental/emotional harm, assassinate my character and/or my person to keep themselves from being exposed and going to prison. I have been falsely accused and slandered by my federal and local government and attempts have been made on my life. I am an American Veteran w/ disabilities which do NOT come from my time in service. I was successfully challenging the former administration, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DOJ, POLICE, LOCAL POLICE and government corruption as well as the abuse of Americans and our way of life for years on social media. The Feds and local government official made false allegations against me and with malice on July 27, 2016 LOCAL POLICE were waiting for me at my address In LACEY WA. They FORCED me into a confrontation w/ an officer, tasered me, then while laying incapacitated, face down in the road, the arresting officer beat on me w/ his fist. I was ILLEGALLY arrested, charged and jailed in Thurston County jail for 96 days. I was kidnapped by my government in collusion w/ bought and paid for local citizens w/ blind eyes. I was given NO DUE PROCESS. NO 4th or 6th Amendment rights. I was never arraigned before a judge in live court, nor allowed to face my accusers in court. I was tortured for 96 days straight. They tried to “re-educate’ and “retrain” my thinking and get me to say I was wrong for defending my country, faith and myself against an attacking officer and to renounce my freedom of speech, and love for America and my criticising of the former admin and police. I have doctor diagnosed depression, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of appetite which they focused on and used against me (denying my medication for about 12 days) to get me to accept a plea deal that still carried with it serious consequences on crimes I didn’t commit. At one point they put me in a cell w/ two felons (2 person cell w/ 3 people) during the period of time denying me my medicine who talked openly of killing me. I ended up in a fight for my life, my head slammed on a steal toilet 5-6 times and put in a reverse choke hold. After I successfully protected myself, they stuck me in a “punishment cell” for my efforts. The “public defender” they assigned me to defend myself for charges of protecting myself, helped the guards, staff and police cover up the attempt made on my life. They eventually assigned him to become my permanent public defender for the original charges. – I was moved to what they call “the hole” two stories underground with no access to the outdoors. As I said; they knew I had Dr. diagnosed depression, anxiety, Insomnia and lack of appetite and specifically focused on these things to break me combined with sound torture techniques, sleep deprivation, dehydration, malnutrition, chemical influence…

In “the hole” for about 90 days. No sunshine. Not allowed to go outside, my food spit in, starved, harassed (I lost about 40 lbs while there), they refused to contact and involve my private sector doctors to let them know I was there and/or to involve them with choices and decisions on my medicine and to get the test results of blood that was drawn on me by my PCP – shortly before becoming incarcerated – pancreatic disorder or other disorders from military vaccines. They never contacted my doctor for those results the whole 96 days I was there. Why? – In August of 2016, they (the Thurston County Jail) turned down bail (which never should have been required since I had no warrants, no felonies, no violent criminal past, unemployed, no income, etc which qualified me for no bail) …they turned down bail offered to get me out by my brother, lieing to him that they did not have an address to release me to (though they were at my address to arrest me, and I gave it to jail staff repeatedly, and when is it my governments responsibility to keep me in jail without my permission because they say I don’t have an address? Are they going out and arresting all homeless people and incarcerating them because they don’t have an address? It makes no sense.), the jail NEVER told me my brother tried to bail me out, my public defender never trying to rectify the situation or even tell me about it, then kept me there 2 months longer trying to break me. The public defender they assigned me WORKS FOR THEM. In those two extra months of keeping me incarcerated (again, never telling me my family tried to bail me out) That public defender, and others they switched me to have been working behind the scenes to bury me in the system and slander my character. They with some jail medical staff “classified” me in such a way that they can deny my defense and my attempts to file counter charges after they secretly denied my bail. They are also using that medical staff to slander my character and “document me” or “classify me” in such a way to use against me when I speak and defend myself and try to blow the whistle on the corruption I saw and experienced there. Don’t forget that point. The jail guards, police and staff literally recruit, train, equip and pay gangs of inmates what they call “welfare checks” and station them around inmates (like me) to aid these guards and staff in breaking people down. They use excessive sound/noise torture techniques, sleep deprivation, starvation, dehydration, and even pumped “fumes” into my cell at times throughout the days, switched out medications, etc. LITERAL torture techniques used in POW camps. I was released unexpectedly. They did not think I would be released. Since I’ve been out, I’m followed daily, local police, public and private sector citizens they recruit are lieing about me and slandering my name and character to anyone in the public and private sector who will listen to them. I’m still attached to yet another of their, phony public defenders who they use to subvert my defense. There has been NO attempt to vindicate me through FOIA request. (I believe I am one of the thousands to millions of Americans who love this country and who I suspect have been put under surveillance either through the FISA court and/or through Chapter 36: Title 50 of the U.S. Code War and National Defense, Sub-chapter 1, Section 1802. I was under video, audio and phone surveillance in my apartment before my arrest last year, and it continues to this day.) It has been 12 months since my release. I have yet to get anybody to look at body cams, dash cams, dispatch calls, and ALL video during my time of incarceration (which I want made public) etc. They are still harassing me daily at my apartment complex (they moved people into apartments around me to inflict noise, pounding, tapping, etc., the same techniques used against me while incarcerated), and following me around town trying to intimidate and anger me and get me to “react” in such a way as to document and/or arrest me again and get me back into their jail system to finish what they started. I am trying to get this information out to as many sources as possible. There has been little to no help for me but instead a group of people who know and work with each other protecting one another against accountability and a whistle-blower. Many of these people are involved in “law enforcement” yet seek denying Americas foundational principle of equal justice under the law in being held accountable. If what I say is true, that arresting officer who used excessive force against me as well as those who engaged with their recruitment and use of inmate gangs in the jail as well as the federal govt. that set this up w local police and other entities will be facing serious jail time. They have a vested interest in trying to bury me in the legal system and put me back in jail to keep me quiet and/or finish off the attempts made on my life. They have now tried to force me back into court to clear my name having been found guilty of NOTHING through Due Process not having my 4th or 6th Amendment rights acknowledged and honored, but having been found guilty by the swipe of a pen by “doctors” they hire in the jail to slander peoples character and have us classified in such a way as to nullify any testimony I/we may give in our defense and in filing counter charges. This WHISTLE BLOWER is still fighting and will continue to expose their corruption and collusion. Thank you for your prayers and consideration.

Steve Baldwin