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Dear Mr. Trump: here’s something you can do to defend America’s heartland: attack Monsanto

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Playa Zach

Alex J. Understand. Zach is part of a psy-op. He is part of the “hidden messaging” communications he is hinting at. He got into your good graces conveying a different “attitde.” Now that in his mind he has you accepting him, his arrogance comes out in conveying his message / hidden messaging. They scripted this from his standpoint. Zach IS part of the deep state / shadow govt. He IS KNOWINGLY conveying threats against people who love this nation in his messaging. Americas enemies are often 2 dimensional at best in their thinking and implementation. Remember. These people are literal psychopaths and sociopaths. At some point, in their irrational hate, they NEED people and enjoy people knowing that they are being targeted by them. They are bloated in self-importance and mistake hacking, spying, lying, gang stalking, slandering and assassinating peoples character and lives as “intelligence” w/ the promise of belonging to the “club” and the hopes of a decoder ring. They are being IRREFUTABLY and MASSIVELY exposed often by nothing more than their psychotic egos. Remember Steve P.. He was exposed on your YouTube videos as running a psy-op against you, infowars and the info-warriors. Do you think he and they have given up? Remember. This is one of the things that globalist/deep state/shadow govt. does in their psychosis especially when we expose them or in exposing themselves when they want people to know they are being “bullied.” They double down on their insanity. That’s how we keep beating them. The script is flipped. Karma is slapping them in the face. Americas eyes are being opened at the same time we maneuvered THEM to overplay their hand. Zach is part of the VERY THING he mentioned which is them conveying to certain people a not so veiled threat about their actions and intentions. They have been given access to our “intelligence community” (expedited by Obama who is ultimately an islamist not a globalist) to use as a weapon against America and Americans who still love this nation. These people (Islamist/globalist/fascist/communist, etc.) function from irrational hate which comes from fear. They fear us, that’s why they hate us. We are mopping the floor w/ them but in conveying ahead of time what they are up too, make sure you also convey how we defeat their intentions. Don’t give them to much credence. Don’t speak their plans into existence agreeing w/ them without conveying how we stop them. These people are 2 dimensional at best. We ALREADY have the victory. We know the plans coming out of Saudi Arabia and mecca. We are just mopping up. – Zach is the product of their fear. They were afraid that “certain people” weren’t getting their intimidation and bullying tactics. They have seen to many movies. THEY are a facade built on IMAGE and lies (remember, they fused w/ Hollywood the land of pretend). WE are about SUBSTANCE and truth. Substance ALWAYS defeats image. Truth ALWAYS defeats lies. They are unhenged in their small minded, small spirited hate for America. They are an illusion. They are immature, stunted in human development, petulant, spoiled, beta-cucked males and unfeminine females who TEMPORARILY have some control of some of our infrastructure intended for fighting terrorism which they have tried to turn against us. NO MORE. Their self-admiration and bloated sense of importance is driving them to their knees as they realize that WE who love America and our unstoppable renaissance are the cool kids on the block. America IS sexy Alex. They wanna be like us. I’m believing many of them to catch the refreshing wave of Americas liberty, unity, prosperity and equal justice under the law to come out from amongst them as whistleblowers. I’ve got MUCHO inside Intel. Zach is a purposed tool. Know who we are dealing w/. Americas best days are ahead. Rock & Roll baby. Rock & Roll.

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Cheri Blossoms Fall

Shirotae, a tree

Japanese tradition stands

Cheri blossoms fall

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