Haiku of River Willow

Steve Baldwin (@myrockopera) tweeted at 4:43 PM on Thu, Nov 28, 2013:

River Willow roots
Drinks haiku morae. Human
foibles, not nature

#senryu (River Willow) are rooted in #haiku using 5-7-5 #morae (syllables)

This senryu (or is it haiku?) poem describes difference between a haiku and senryu. Both Japanese style poetry. A senryu is a form of haiku in that they both use the 5-7-5 syllabic cadence (morae). A haiku addresses nature, while a senryu addresses human foibles. The translation of senryu is: “River Willow” but a senryu is not to be about nature. However, since its roots are in haiku, it is in affect drinking from haiku through its roots as a willow drinks from a river. This may in fact be a haiku describing a senryu. What do you think?


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